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. . . Where most documentaries of this nature focus on the cult leaders and the practices within the cult, God Willing is a refreshing and engrossing look at cults from a different perspective, from the families who were and, in many cases, still are affected by their loss, as well as the emotional reunions of members, both current and former, with their parents.

. . . “God Willing” was the best film of the day for me. In this film you have a front row seat of what’s going down with the thirty-five year old cult known as “The Church of the Brotherhood.” The director is Evangeline Griego, the aunt of a former Brotherhood member. She goes far beyond the call of duty for this footage. Any parent or family member would be deeply touched. Griego was greeted with a super-warm reception as she was introduced. This was the world debut of “God Willing.” Also present at this debut were parents of former members. When someone joins this cult, you basically never see any loved ones again, unless the member chooses to escape or questions enough to be kicked out. It was a very intense night!

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One of a number of world premieres, “God Willing” (6:10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 16; 7:25 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 21) documents “intentional communities,” or, plainly, cults by focusing on the “The Church,” otherwise known as “The Brethren,” and its end-of-days leader Jim Roberts.

ARKANSAS TIMES – Rock Candy: The Arkansas Entertainment Blog

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